Saturday, June 26, 2010

CSA 5: Greens Dip

I've sauteed my greens, I've made a greens pie with feta and filo, I've had greens in cream sauce and greens with tomato.  I still had chard, I still had collard greens.  I still had scallion, and cilantro.  I also had a glutenous flatbread from a friend.

I decided to have dip for dinner.  Cheesy, green dip with crunchy crisp breadchips.  It was really creamy and smooth with a mild taste.  And as a meal it's got plenty of vegetables and plenty of protein.

I preheated my contact grill and sprayed it with olive oil, and layed the flatbread on it.  I made the dip while it toasted.

Greens dip

2 cups carrot greens, collard greens and swiss chard, boiled
1 scallion
1 oz asiago cheese
2 tbsp crumbled goat cheese
small handfull almonds
1/4 bunch arugala
approx. 1 tbsp olive oil
salt & pepper

Put everything in the food processor except the oil.  As its chopping drizzle in the olive oil.  After a minute or two scrape down sides and chop until smooth.

Serve with crispy flatbread.

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