Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Week 4: no salad greens

I thought I was being so prepared by making such an effort to use all my vegetables. On Sunday I made a huge bowl of mixed greens to pull salads from. I figured I needed 4 salads worth, but I had at least 5 salads worth, 6 if stretched with other veggies. So I bagged up some and gave a salads worth to Jennifer. I ate my last salad for lunch today. I expected to get: various vegetables and salad greens.

I got: various vegetables. Its a good selection but I had mentally prepared to make myself a salad for lunch tomorrow, as I have for the last three weeks, and now that was not an option. I wasn't concerned, I knew I had plenty of food, it just through me for a loop.

I threw together some chives, cilantro and the fuzzy bits off the fennel into the food chopper with some fresh basil and a sun-dried tomato and chopped. I mixed them with some quinoa and drizzled on some olive oil and seasoned with salt & pepper. I chopped some carrots into sticks. Along with some humus, that's lunch.

Tonight I'll read up on some ideas for my ingredients tomorrow I'll cook something.

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