Monday, August 16, 2010

Pork chop with pineapple

Tonight's dinner was decidedly unorganic. I had a grilled pork chop, topped with pineapple-jalepeno sauce, over sauteed greens with onion.  Ok the greens were organic.  But the pork chop?  Just a generic grocery store cut, seasoned with adobo and grilled.  The pineapple was out of a can.  And the jalepeno?  Goya jalepeno sauce, a chunky green concoction I picked up on a whim. I just simmered them together, with some adobo.  And since I was going for shortcuts, I thickened the sauce with corn starch because although the pineapple juice reduced, it didn't thicken .

It wasn't organic, but it was good.  And really I don't have too many organic choices left.  Last week's haul wasn't very big and I've pretty much eaten it all.  Whats left is a bunch of potatoes, an onion, a tomato, one clove of garlic and some beet greens.  And of course my salad for tomorrow. 

Tonight's greens were the last of my kale, from a few weeks ago, and beet greens, cooked in olive oil and butter with some white onion and a clove of garlic. A simple but classic preparation, suitable for all green leaves.

It was a simple quick meal - done in about 15 minutes, and well balanced, and made from what I had on hand, like the half can of pineapple chunks I had to use up.

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