Saturday, December 11, 2010

Eggnog Ice Cream

We all have holiday memories we hold to, some we try to continue or recreate, some we just look back upon fondly.

Back when I was a kid, every year at Christmas my mom would gussy up a batch of eggnog. She'd start with the regular store bought stuff but to it she would add rum extract and then float generous, fluffy dollops of freshly whipped cream into it. The whole batch would be sprinkled with plenty of freshly ground nutmeg. It would be served in a punch bowl placed in the middle of the living room.

Given the opportunity, my brother and I would have drank the whole glorious batch. (We never were given such an opportunity though...)

I'm grown up now and am free to drink all the eggnog I want. Unfortunately, as a grown up though, I'm also fully cognisant that drinking excessive amounts of rich, delicious eggnog would do my health and waistline no favors. But, in moderation, I do drink it without abandon or guilt.

And sometimes, I gussy it up.

I don't follow my mother's recipe though: I have no punch bowl, nor do I host the holiday for anyone. And I go the opposite direction when it comes to adding dairy. Although I most certainly don't skimp on the fresh nutmeg.

Now anyone who's ever been to my home knows its quite balmy all winter. 80 degrees in the apartment mid-winter is not unheard of.

So I do the only logical thing: I make eggnog ice cream.

Really all it takes is an ice cream machine and some 'nog, but trust me: gussy it up. And if you are concerned over calories, dilute it.

Eggnog Ice Cream
6 oz eggnog
2 oz skim milk
Generous sprinkle of nutmeg

Add all the ingredients to your ice cream machine & go!

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  1. Half of those fluffy dollups were egg whites,
    (most of which got folded into the egg nog to make it seem thicker and creamier. ) i used powered egg whites to make the meringue) But your ice cream sound good. it would be better with a bit or rum (real or flavoring)